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By phone

Prefer to make your reservation via phone? You can make a reservations by calling 719.639.7440 after 10am. 


Special Events & Private Parties

Catering and Events are opportunities for us to work more closely with our guests, occasions for us to share our dedication to celebration in exciting new ways.

the chef's room

Seats up to 8

Our Chef's Room offers a dramatic and dynamic look at all the action in our picturesque open kitchen, and is unlike any other dining experience in The Springs.  The Chef's Room is utilized during the day as an active pantry and pastry station then transforms into one of the best seats in the house at night.  The space is perfect for groups of up to 8 guests and offers an intimate yet active dining experience. The unique perspective is a must try.  No special reservation procedures are required for The Chef's Room, just give us a call and ask about it!

the private dining room

Seats up to 18

Our stunning Private Dining Room is a one-of-a-kind space with several features to make your event truly memorable. We can host up to 18 guests in this space and accommodate a wide array of table configurations.  The sliding doors and curtains can be left open for views into other areas of the restaurant or can be completely drawn for enhanced privacy.  Separate lighting controls allow for extra personalization and the hidden 62” TV monitor allows for simple connections to most laptops for sleek business presentations.  

We can also customize the dining experience with a prix fixe menu.  Our goal is to make your event memorable. Please contact us with any questions regarding availability.  Click the link below to submit the inquiry form. 

Call 719.639.7440 to reserve either room for your reception or party.