ryan murphy

Managing Partner / General Manager


Ryan has been In the restaurant business since 1999, when he began as a server. His leadership strengths quickly became apparent as he grew into supervisory and training roles. As a 6th generation native of Colorado Springs, Ryan has a deep sense of community and feels that restaurants provide an invaluable contribution by offering guests the opportunity to escape from their daily lives and responsibilities. He is also passionate about training and development, and is excited about Cowboy Star's focus on hospitality driven service. 



jennifer Windom

Assistant General Manager


Jen began her restaurant career at 15 hosting for a small, family owned Chinese restaurant. Despite their size, she quickly learned the importance of details and will always remember the consequences of incorrectly packing to go orders. After serving tables through college at the University of St Catherine, she worked a short stint at a homeless shelter in Minneapolis. "I loved working at St Stephen's (Shelter), but my rent disagreed." She returned to Colorado Springs and began serving again. A few short years later, she was the bar manager for that restaurant. Most recently, Jen was supervising at the destination restaurant, The Golden Bee, within the 5-star Broadmoor Resort. Jen says, "I feel blessed to be a part of the Cowboy Star family. I look forward to watching us grow."